Public Weighbridge

A weighbridge is primarily used to calculate a load's overall weight and is particularly used to weigh bulky items. The most common weighbridge users are caravans and trailers, trucks, transportation companies and waste management and disposal companies.

Argus Waste Recycling has an on-site fully licenced, certified and registered weighbridge open to the public.

Our weighing options are:

  • Tare Mass
  • Gross Mass
  • Nett Mass
  • Vicroads Registration

What Purpose Does a Weighbridge Serve?

Weighbridges are used by industrial companies to calculate waste and the weight of goods being carried out. Furthermore, individuals use public weighbridges to ensure that load on each axle is not over the legal weight limit for travel before leaving on vacation.

The vehicle's full load drives onto the bridge. After that, the vehicle is weighed.

The vehicle then drives away from the weighbridge and unloads its waste/goods.

They drive back onto the bridge after unloading and are weighed a second time.

Total weight of contents Equals 1st weight – 2nd weight.

What Is the Best Way to Find a Public Weighbridge?

Public weighbridges can be located on major highways, industrial locations, and local council depots throughout Victoria.

Some weighbridges will be self-service, but the majority will be owned and operated by private companies.

Thins that you need to check before using a weighbridge:

  • How much it cost to use
  • How to get there
  • When they are open
  • Weighbridge capacity

How Much Will Weighing My Vehicle Cost?

Most privately owned weighbridges charge between $50 and $60 to weigh your vehicle, such as a car, caravan, or heavy vehicle.

At Argus Waste Recycling, all single tickets issued cost $45 including GST.

Our Location and Opening Hours

We are located at 60-62 Ordish Road, Dandenong South, Vic 3175. Our weighbridge is open from 7 am – 4.00 pm on weekdays.

Weighbridge Capacity

To ensure that your car will fit on the weighbridge, ask the operator what size vehicles are permitted. Our weighbridge capacity and size are as below:

Capacity Maximum: 60 tonnes

Weighbridge Width: 3.9 Metres

Weighbridge Length: 18 Metres

Public Weighbridge Licenses

Public weighbridge licences are granted under the National Measurement Act and the conditions of the licence are provided in the National Trade Measurement Regulations. More information about public weighbridge licensing is available at

Our weighbridge is fully licenced and our licence number is PW-0118.

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