Industrial Wash Waters

Water used to clean or wash materials in the industrial sector is referred to as industrial wash water. It also relates to the massive amounts of water used in commercial and industrial equipment cleaning.

Argus Waste Recycling can recycle your industrial wash water and ensure it doesn’t impact the environment by processing it at our approved processing plant.

Recycled wash water is never released into the environment's water supply and does not contribute to pollution. It is ideal for washing equipment and parts at equipment wash facilities. Recycling wash water is considerably more cost-effective. Reusing wash water rather than wasting it is also more ethical and environmentally responsible. It is simply the proper thing to do to collect wash water, purify it, and recycle it over and over again. 

How Is Wash Water Created?

Every household and company generate wash water in some way. Cooking, cleaning, toileting, and hygiene activities all produce large amounts of wash water on a regular basis. The majority of these wastewaters are inevitable, and the waste is routinely disposed of in municipal treatment systems or in rural landfills.

Commercial and industrial organisations use the most wash water because they require a substantial and consistent supply of water for equipment maintenance. These users, on the other hand, have control over their water supply and need to confine, treat, and recycle their water supply on a regular basis.

The following are some examples of large-scale wash water producers: 

  • Golf Course Maintenance
  • Commercial Car Washes
  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Auto Parts Recyclers
  • Soil and Ground Water Remediation Professionals
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Mines and Mining Equipment Services
  • Equipment Rental Companies
  • Food Processors and Warehousing
  • Military Fleet Operations

All these water consumers have one thing in common. They require liquid waste removal and disposal company that can take care of all aspects of their wash water removal and recycling. We at Argus Waste Recycling can collect, confine, and recycle your wash water. Our waste disposal and recycling facility is an approved EPA licensed premises for the storage, processing and recovery of prescribed industrial wastes.

Industrial Wash Water Recycling

Commercial equipment, such as heavy machinery, takes a large amount of water to clean. Much of the industrial wash water used on a daily basis, fortunately, can be recycled. The technique of treating wastewater produced from one source to be reused in the same process or recycled for another is known as industrial water reuse and recycling.

Here are just a handful of the primary advantages of participating in wastewater recycling and reuse:

  • More sustainable water usage
  • Reduced water scarcity
  • Lower industrial costs
  • Meeting industry standards and regulations
  • Lowered strain on the environment

Other advantages could include lower freshwater expenses, lower wastewater flows, and a smaller water footprint. Because of the increasing availability of clean water, operational efficiency and sustainability can be improved, as well as the production capacity. Depending on water quality standards, space limits, and budgetary considerations, a variety of methods for recycling or reusing industrial wash water are available.

For all your industrial wash water recycling requirements, contact Argus Waste Recycling. We recycle, treat and process your industrial wash water at our EPA licensed waste disposal and recycling facility.

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