Bulk Used Cooking Oil Services

Argus Recycling is one of the original oil collection and recycling services in Melbourne since 1964.

Waste cooking oils are recycled in accordance with environmental regulations and are used for a variety of purposes by end users. As a socially and environmentally responsible service provider we take pride in implementing initiatives which benefit the local community and environment.

By recycling your used cooking oil Argus delivers responsible and sustainable resource recovery addressing environmental, community and economic expectations.

Argus Recycling will tailor our commercial and industrial cooking oil collection and removal service to your specific needs.

Our Service Includes for commercial and industrial facilities::

  • Suitable containers for your environment
  • Regular auto recall scheduled service
  • Ad hoc service as required
  • Heated tanks and containers vacuumed out
  • Bulk tanks transferred directly into our EPA licenced tankers
  • Customised Service

Our service includes for restaurants and take-aways:

  • Used cooking oil depot – customer drop off


Call us on 1300 RECYCLE to find out more about our used cooking oil collection and drop off services.

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Bulk Used Cooking Oil Services