Argus Recycling

Grease Trap Cleaning and Liquid Waste Specialists

The Beginning

Argus Recycling was established in 1964 by Dimitri Deftereos and has operated from 60-62 Ordish Road, Dandenong South since 1967. We are an independent family run, Australian owned company.

Dimitri Deftereos – Founder

Originally Dimitri, or Jim as he’s known to everyone, started his business as a sole operator as a means of supplementing his meagre income.  Over time he saved enough to buy a truck and began collecting used cooking oil from food businesses and restaurants from all over Melbourne. Jim became a much loved figure and built up a loyal clientele who would wait eagerly for him to collect their used cooking oil and have a chat. He enjoyed hearing their stories and discussing the politics of the day.

Jim brought the old used oil home to his garage where he would decant it from the old 44 gallon drums to filter and refine it.   Jim established opportunities for business with the recovered oil and identified a ready market for the clean oil. Large corporations wanted the high quality product to use in their processes such as pet food manufacturing, soap and industrial lubricant manufacturing or for other industrial process.

As demand for the product grew, Jim made this his full time occupation but it was time to move his business from the garage at home and find a new site.  In 1967 he purchased the current site from which we run our facility today. The location is ideal for waste recycling and manufacturing. Eventually he was joined by his family and today 3 generations of his family are proud to work in the business.

Over time, the scope of our services and products grew to include a range of liquid wastes but the central tenet of our operations continues to be to recover the value in waste and to find alternative higher order uses for the benefit of the local community and environment.

Our Facility

Argus Recycling Plant

Argus Recycling Plant

Our facility is an approved EPA licensed premises for the storage, processing and recovery of range of prescribed industrial wastes. We incorporate environmental and sustainability initiatives within our operational framework from servicing our customers to the highest of standards, to transporting, recycling and recovery of their waste for alternative beneficial uses.

Our waste recovery facility has been operating from the same location in Dandenong South since 1967 and is fiercely independently owned and run.

We process and recycle all wastes transported to our purpose built site. All material recovered from  grease traps and used cooking oil collections is diverted from landfill and recycled for higher end uses and applications. We convert waste into renewable and sustainable resources such as organic compost.

By diverting our customers’ liquid waste streams from landfill and recycling the waste instead, we make positive and sustainable contributions to the community – for our client businesses and the economy.

Environment and Sustainability

Environmentally Responsible

Argus Recycling has strong environmental management capabilities in the areas of waste water management, liquid waste, including the reclamation of fats, oils and grease trap management and recycling, as well as organic waste recovery.

Waste collected from our customer sites is transformed in to value added resources. Food waste is processed to produce an organic growth medium for use in various applications and oil is prepared for the manufacture of biofuel.  By fully recycling all waste on our site, we divert waste from landfill.

Our initiatives ensure that the value of waste is recognised thus promoting the sustainability of the environment, the community and industry.

Transport Fleet

Argus Recyclings First Truck 1965

Argus Recyclings First Truck 1965

An important part of our collection and transport service is our fleet of EPA licensed tankers and tray trucks. Our specialist transport fleet is equipped with the most up to date pumping and vacuum equipment to cater for various types of specific clients’ needs. This ensures that we are flexible and versatile allowing us to provide our customers with one-to-one solutions according to individual requirements.

Our highly qualified and industry experienced drivers and operators have all completed training in the EPA approved Prescribed Waste Course. Driver and operator training is updated regularly and kept current to best practice industry standards.