Argus specialises in liquid waste collection, resource recovery and recycling.

Public Weighbridge

Argus has an on-site fully licensed, certified, verified and registered weighbridge open to the public. We process and recycle all wastes transported to our purpose-built site. All material recovered from grease traps and used cooking oil collections is diverted from landfill and recycled for higher-end uses and applications.

Storm Water Removal

We conduct de-watering services following heavy rain events and after flooding has occurred. A high volume pumping system is fitted to our tankers for access to flood waters to pump out and remove excess water. Water collected from flood sites is transported to our site for treatment.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Argus Recycling provides liquid waste removal and grease trap cleaning services to Melbourne Metro locations and across Victoria for all commercial food preparation facilities of all sizes. Our clients range from very small outlets to very large customers with multiple sites across Victoria and Australia.

Industrial Wash Water Removal

Argus can take your industrial wastewater and ensure it doesn’t impact the environment by processing it at our approved processing plant. Water collected from sites is transported to our site for treatment.

Bulk Used Cooking Oil Collection

Argus Recycling is one of the original oil collection and recycling services in Melbourne since 1964. Waste cooking oils are recycled in accordance with environmental regulations and are used for a variety of purposes by end-users.